Indra Ayurvedic Rashayanshala P.Ltd.

Swarna Parpati

The company has made its mark as a highly acclaimed Manufacturer and Supplier of Swarna Parpati in Kasganj. The company is offering the best grade Swarna Parpati in a wide range. The Swarna Parpati is demanded all over the country at the best prices on a timely basis.


Name of the Drug Indications Reference
Abhraka Parpati COPD, Asthama, Tuberculosis Rasatantra sara
Bol Parpati All types of bleeding disorders Rasatantra sara
Lauha Parpati Anaemia, Digestive disorders, Malabsorption syndrome, Post partum fever Rasatantra sara
Panchamruta Parpati Digestive Impairment, Phthisis, Oligospermia Rasatantra sara
Pranda Parpati Chronic fever, Diarrhoea, COPD, Asthama & TB Rasatantra sara
Rasa Parpati Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Malabsorption syndrome, Anaemia, Fever, Rheumatism Rasatantra sara
Sheetal Parpati Dysuria, Renal calculī Rasatantra sara
Shveta Parpati Renal calculi & Dysuria Ayurveda sara sangraha
Vijay Parpati TB, Malabsorption syndrome Rasatantra sara