Indra Ayurvedic Rashayanshala P.Ltd.

Ayurvedic Lauha

The company has acquired a prominent position as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Ayurvedic Lauha in Kasganj. The high quality range of the Ayurvedic Lauha, offered by the company, is available at the best prices. The company offers the Ayurvedic Lauha in durable packing on a timely basis.


Name of the Drug Indications Reference
Abhrak Parpati
Amalkyadi Lauh Blood R.T.S. Part-1
Bol Parpati Colitis A.F.I.
Chandanadi Lauh Old Fever A.F.I.
Dhatri Lauha Anaemia, Dyspepsia, Duodenal ulcer A.F.I.
Lauh Parpati Colitis A.F.I.
Mandoor Vatak Hepatitis and Sugar Astang Hriday
Navayasa Lauha Anaemia, Cardiac disorders, Jaundice Bhaisajya ratnavali
Panchamrit Lauh Colitis A.F.I.
Pradarantaka Lauha Genitourinary problems A.F.I.
Pradrari Lauh Genitourinary problems A.F.I.
Punarnavadi Mandura Worm infestation, Anaemia, Inflammations, Digestive diseases A.F.I.
Rakta Pittantaka Lauha Bleeding disorders & Anaemia Bhaisajya ratnavali
Saptamruta Lauha Dyspepsia, Anaemia, Diseases of eye, Oedema A.F.I.
Sarvajvarahara Lauha Chronic fevers & related complications A.F.I.
Shwet Parpati Stone, discontinuation of urine A.S.S.
Shilajitvadi Lauha Anaemia Bhaisajya ratnavali
Swarna Parpati Colitis A.F.I.
Tamra Parpati
Tapyadi Lauha (with silver) Urinary disorders, Hepatic disorders, Anaemia, Oedema Rasatantra sara
Vidangadi Lauh
Vijay Parpati
Visama Jvarantaka Lauha Chronic fevers, Malabsorption syndrome, Anaemia Bhaisajya ratnavali
Yakratadi Lauh Liver, Spleen A.F.I .