Indra Ayurvedic Rashayanshala P.Ltd.

Asava and Arishta

The company is a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of Asava and Arishta in Kasganj. The Asava and Arishta, offered by the company, are known for its quality as well as effective nature. The company offers the Asava and Arishta at the market leading prices on a timely basis.


Name of the Drug Indications Reference
Kutujaristha Colitis A.F.I.
Khadiraristha Blood problems Shradradhar
Chandanashava Blood Sugar Bhesajya Ratnavali
Jeerakadharishta Colitis A.F.I
Dashmoolaristha Joints pain Shradradhar
Drakshasava Cough and cold Bhesajya Ratnavali
Punarnavaristha Soth A.F.I.
Patraangasava Gynec Problems A.F.I.
Lodrasava Prameh Astang Hriday
Lohasava Blood Builder Shradradhar
Sarvadhasava Blood diseases Bhesajya Ratnavali
Saraswataristha Mental Problems Bhesajya Ratnavali
Balaristha Pain troubles A.F.I.
Trishulashava Stomach troubles, Anemia, Weakness A.F.I.
Arvindasava Baby Problems Bhesajya Ratnavali
Amritaristha Old fever Bhesajya Ratnavali
Ashokaristha Gynec Problems Bhesajya Ratnavali
Arjunaristha Heart troubles Bhesajya Ratnavali
Aswagandharistha Weakness, Fatigue Bhesajya Ratnavali
Ushirasava Acidic problems A.F.I.
Kanakasava Cough and cold A.F.I.
Kumaryasava Liver troubles Shradradhar